Thursday, February 11, 2010

On A Happier Note...

New York Fashion Week began today!! This is the first year the event will be based out of New York's Lincoln Center, instead of it's famous Bryant Park location. I'm SUPER pumped because I get to go to the Derek Lam Show on Tuesday, February 16th, and be a viewer, rather than a dresser! I've seen the collection and it is RAD. I'll post some of my favorite Fall/Winter 2010 collections as the shows proceed during the week!

Also, Taylor Lautner (a.k.a. Jacob Black)(a.k.a. one of those guys from twilight) turned 18 today! Happy birthday Taylor.

Sorry all you Edward fans, TEAM JACOB!
Now only 7 more months until Nick Jonas turns the big 1-8 and I can officially pounce. Ha, who am I kidding? I would jump on that ANY day. 

**For those of you who have not listened to Nick's solo album, Nick Jonas & The Administration, I HIGHLY recommend you do so. Erase all of your thoughts and judgments about the Jonas Brothers and look at Nick as an artist. It's a much more mature, groovy sound, and I'm sure you'll find at least one song that you will enjoy. 

Maybe this will encourage you to take a listen. Hmmm well, if your not a chick.... and straight..... ugh, JUST LISTEN TO THE ALBUM! 


  1. That's awesome you get to go to the show! And I was actually really curious Nick's album was going to turn out--thanks for the rec!

  2. I am totally going to get Nick's album tonight and woot team jacob!

  3. It's really good! Songs I would suggest (ummmm all of them) 'Rose Garden', 'Stronger', 'Last Time Around', 'Conspiracy Theory', 'State of Emergency', 'Olive & An Arrow', 'Vespers Goodbye'

    Woops, that's pretty much every song on the album. :)