Thursday, February 25, 2010

50 DAYS!!!

And the official countdown begins...

There are only 50 days until the Fordham University 'Fashion For Philanthropy' Fashion Show!! So far, I have 6 pieces done and ready to be fitted on models. That leaves me with a lot more work to do (almost 15 pieces left) and of course to add to my stress MIDTERMS are coming up. Right now FFP is working on transforming the Rose Hill gymnasium into a fairy tale wonderland with handmade decorations! I'm so impressed with the team effort of the club this year. There are so many people supporting this production and I'm very excited to show my support for the this club and it's cause!

I'm heading home this weekend to continue working on my pieces so I'll absolutely update after the weekend to show my progress :) Until then.... happy 'hopeful' snowday!

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