Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Snow Day!!

Today was AWESOME! Fordham University cancelled classed for today, February 10th, yesterday in anticipation of the snow. Two of my classes got cancelled! Woo hoooo! Fordham's campus was breathtaking with the snow everywhere! I took some awesome pictures on my phone of the artwork made on Eddie's :D Enjoy!

"HEY, that lady wants to take a picture!"
Group of students who posed and let me take another picture. I have no idea who any of you are, but you're all very cool in my book. How gorgeous is this campus! 
Oh, hey Emily, my first Campus Walker! They made a snow couch with footstool and are enjoying a nice, cold beer. Worry Free. This day ROCKS!

This snow man was hugeee. Everything used was taken from the caf. Pear buttons, orange eyes, cereal mouth, and cone nose and ears. 

Fordham poncho cape and chopsticks for the FU. 

After I took this picture, someone destroyed this amazing creature. I was so upset, I was about to slap a biiii......

Hehehe. "That's ignoraant." Props to the artist on this one.

It's hard to see the face, but it had amazingly sculpted eyes, nose and mouth. And some abs too. 

Overall, a VERY enjoyable day! Gotta love snow days...

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  1. I never saw this post before but these are such cute snow pictures! As I sit at work, staring out the window at a beautiful sunny day, it is REALLY hard for me to imagine it ever having been cold and snowy like that here!