Sunday, March 7, 2010


Ahhhh, what a fabulous weekend.

I was finally old enough to legally attend Hoboken St. Patrick's Day festivities and boy was it one hell of a day. At 10AM, we started the day off at the bar Lana where we met up with some of my sisters friends from college. Then made our way over to meet up with some of my friends who I graduated high school with. We party hopped for a couple of hours, where I marked my territory with green chalk on every brick wall I saw.

After the parties, I headed back to meet up with my sister. I found her galavanting around the street outside of Lana, where she decided to stop and buy everything she could afford from a street vendor who was selling all St. Patty's gear. 

"I'll take that trumpet, the boobies, andddddd that dog."

We took a nice stroll where she decided to stick the dog in my face every five minutes...

We proceeded back into Lana and finished the day with a dance off with my sisters friends where the best picture of the day was taken....

Fun Fact: That tulle bow I made out of the extra green tulle from my 'Villains' Collection and I sewed that green sequined bow onto the Minnie Mouse ears for my sister!

Overall, a fabulous day with amazing people, lots of drinks and great weather.


  1. Love thisss! Is the green fabric around your head, the extra from one of your tool skirts?! I hope soooo.

  2. I grew up near Boston and always went to the Boston St. Patrick's day parade, but now I'll have to check out the Hoboken festivities. St. Patrick's day is my favorite time of year...not only do I love having an excuse to proclaim my Irish roots, but March 17th is also my birthday.