Sunday, March 21, 2010


Sorry, I know it's been awhile, but I had SERIOUS spring fever. The weather has been so nice!

Anyway, spring break is over and I completed 5 more looks! Just in one day, my mom and I made a dress, a pair of pants, and a vest. This officially means that all I have left to make is a dress, one more tulle skirt, and a cape (that will be worn by a 'special guest.')

Yesterday, a camera crew from my sisters production studio stopped by to film me and my mom constructed some pieces for a documentary of my lead up to the fashion show to post on this blog after the show! The crew is also coming to film the show, which I am really excited about. I will be able to show it along with my portfolio.

Here are some pictures of some new stuff that I have been working on!

This is a dress made out of the green crepe fabric that my mom found in a Hackensack fabric store. It matches the green tulle skirt perfectly. Here I was just making the back straps and pinning them onto the form for measurements. It doesn't quite fit the form because it's smaller to fit my model.

This is the first dress that I have made using the teal speckled fabric. I think the mixture of the leather and teal print looks phenomenal. Again, I'm still working on the construction on the straps, but the base and all is finished! I always leave the finishing touches for last, just in case I need to tailor them to fit my models.

This is just one side of a pair of pants that are now finished. They are made out of the same green crepe as the dress above. They are high-waisted and baggy in the thigh/knee area and then get skinner towards the ankle. I'm pairing it with a black corset that I have hanging around my closet. Don't you just love, love, love this color?

I'm running out of room on this rack!!! Here are all 12 of my looks. That pink and black striped piece is one of the pieces that I finished over break and is a party flare skirt with a black vest. The collar of the vest is made out of the pink and black striped fabric and stands seriously tall. It is quite the colorful collection, no?

I can't believe that I only have 3 looks to go! If all goes as planned I should be finished by Easter. After that is all of the final fittings and accessorizing. With officially 25 days until the show, I can't bare the excitement.


  1. Amazing! I think Rihanna would love to wear any of them :) And I have a feeling I know who the special guest is...

  2. I would die if Rihanna wore one of my designs. And I'm sure you do know who that special guest is hahaha.

  3. This looks SO COOL!! I applaud you!!