Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Make Them Look Twice!

This clutch is GENIUS. I found it on a blog today and had to stop and take a second look at this adorable, yet so clever little accessory. Maison Martin Margiela has just come out with this clutch made out of smashed pieces of reflectors, yes reflectors, those things that your mom made you put on your bike when you were little, so that people would see you in the dark. Who thinks of that! Only in the fashion industry would such an idea be praised!

The reflector pieces are attached in a mosaic pattern to a rather simple leather clutch. It's hard to tell if the pieces were actually smashed up or cut to fit perfectly onto the clutch, but honestly, I don't care, this thing screams adorable! This will add sparkle to any outfit, one that wants to get noticed of course ;)

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