Monday, April 26, 2010

Villains Montage!

So before the Villains scene in the Fashion for Philanthropy fashion show, a montage showed of clips of Disney villains that inspired the collection. The short montage was made by another Fordham University student, Brendan Banks! A couple of weeks before the show I sent him some clips that I really liked and that I thought portrayed the Villain I was trying to posses in my collection and Brendan knocked it out of the park. When I saw the montage for the first time I had chills because it was exactly what I wanted! He did such a great job and truly put the icing on the cake for my scene!

Check out the video below and you can also see some of his other projects too!

Disney Montage - Villains from Brendan H. Banks on Vimeo.

Evil isn't it?


  1. Ah, this is great! I love the Disney villains!

  2. I saw this at this show! It was really cool. Definitely a nice touch!

  3. brendan also made a great comedy for campus movie fest...

  4. This is awesome, I love Disney movies and especially the Villains! My sister used to have a huge snow globe with all of the different Disney Villains in it! Good post.