Friday, April 16, 2010


The FFP Fashion Show is TONIGHT!!!!

AHHH! We had a dress rehearsal last night and it went realllllllly well! On Tuesday I had a fitting and my music wasn't working with the theme I am going for [Villains], so I had to switch it up a little bit, but now it is killer!

I need to go over to the gym asap and help set up for the show, then go to my 1 o'clock class, then head back to the gym from 2:30pm to show time! A lot needs to get done before 7pm tonight, but I have not a doubt in my mind that the show will be great!

Hope you can make it and...

Welcome to the Madhouse.


  1. I went! It was awesome. I had never gone before, but your blog really made me want to see it this year. Congratulations on a successful show and all your pieces really came together nicely!