Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ah Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

"I'ma rock this sh*t like fashion, as in going till they say stop." -Rihanna

My professional photos have arrived!!

My surprise guest, Mr. Corey Woods opening the scene.

Rosanna working the purple train!

Scharon, in one of my favorite dresses of the collection. When I first sketched this dress out, my mom told me it was going to look like something "Snooki" from the Jersey Shore would wear, but I proved her wrong. The dress was classic yet sexy at the same time, with the front fully covered, while the back was completely exposed.

Zaily in the striped mini dress!

Alexandra in the polka dotted dress with tulle peplum detail!

Lauren in the lime green pants and black corset! The pants fit her so well she asked me to make her a pair in navy blue :)

Annmarie in the infamous teal speckled blazer! My favorite piece of the collection besides the lime green tulle skirt.

Maddie in the fuscia wrap top and leather shorts! Girlfriend did the ultimate quick change after she modeled in the first couple of scenes, then performed with Flava during intermission, then had to get dressed and a hair/makeup change all within 10 minutes.

Leigha in the polka dotted mini dress with leather and tulle detailing on the shoulders!

The back of Leigha's dress!

Kara in the fuscia tulle skirt! I've decided I will be wearing this to the Under the Tent dance during Spring Weekend! :D

Ashton in the asymmetrical lime green dress! I don't have a picture of the back, but the straps criss-crossed leaving the back open. It looks so amazing on her.

Evangeline in the black leather dress with a one shoulder of pleated tulle and tulle detailing at the hem!

Michelle in the black leather and teal dress! Loves.

Kristin in the striped skirt and vest! The collar was very Maleficent inspired.

Madeline in the lime green tulle skirt!! I chose this picture so you could see the spider bracelet!


What you lookin' at Kris?

Oh Hayyyy! My parents friend almost crawled on stage to get those flowers to me, she's such a sweet heart! And as you can see I have such great stage presence, every picture of me my eyes are closed and my hand is over my face.

I make the clothes, not model them haha.

I'm doing a small photo shoot with my girls on Eddies/Keating Steps/ parading around the Bronx on Wednesday, April 28th, if you want to catch a peek! They will be shot by my friend Dan!


  1. looks sooo amazing!!! good for you - would love to see the photo shoot pictures when you get them too!

  2. These are awesome! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for the photo shoot on Wednesday!

  3. I'm totally going to creep by your photoshoot! I have the same picture of you walking the runway... hahah. The pictures look great! You already know what I thought! :)

  4. We had to postpone it because the weather is going to be crappy! cold and windy boooo! I'm glad you girls like the pictures-- there will be more and some video :)

  5. I kept scrolling through and saying, "this one is my, THIS one is my favorite...but wait, THIS ONE!" I have to say I love that teal blazer, I would kill for one.

  6. Hahaha! Thanks Courtney!! I'm actually working on a website so people can start putting in orders! I'll keep you guys posted.