Monday, April 19, 2010


The FFP Fashion Show was AMAZING. What an exciting experience. I really didn't know I could be so nervous about something until 5 minutes before my girls walked out on the runway.

So I got to the Fordham University Rose Hill Gym at 2:30pm day of the show and immediately started doing hair and make-up on my girls. My sister did the make-up where she lined the girls eyes with thick black liner and then went over that with white liner. All the girls wore dark purple lipstick as well. I did most of the girls hair, which was poufed up on top, with slicked back sides and teazed pony tails. I'm so proud of this collection because of the idea that it was a complete family process down to every last detail.

Here are only a couple of pictures from a mobile phone because I haven't gotten my photos yet, but ENJOY!

Rosanna in the black dress with purple tulle train. Girlfriend worked it out!! It was hard to walk with that train because it kept on getting stuck to her shoes, but she made it work!

ANNMARIEEEEE! This blazer is getting sooo much buzz. Everyone is asking about it and it's all because AnnMarie worked. it. out. This piece was the most professional looking and the one I was most proud of because of how chic it looked. The print also made it pop.

Leigha in the black and purple polka dotted dress with leather shoulders! On the girls with short hair, we did a curly fohawk, Rihanna inspired of course.

Evangeline in the leather and pleated tulle dress. People have told me that she looked like a fem-bot in this dress, which is AMAZING. I've also gotten 4 orders for this dress. It's pure sex and rock and roll.

I DIEEEEEEEE. The beautiful Madeline in the green tulle skirt! I still get chills thinking about cueing her down the runway in this skirt. From my POV, it was an amazing experience to see this skirt in action and Madeline completely rocked the runway in it.

THE FINALE WALK!!! They literally looked like an Army of b*tches, exactly how I imagined it. LOVESSSSSS!!

This picture was taken right after the girls had walked the runway and we were all SO pumped. We all posed with the GAGA "Bad Romance" claws.

I feel so accomplished and proud of this collection. I've spend the last 3 months making the pieces for this show and when it came down to it, I wouldn't change one piece. The best part was that all of models got soooo into being evil and walked at the exact same pace. The show came together perfectly because of all of them. They really listened to my advice on walking, not smiling, and really FEELING like a villain.

More photos and a VIDEO are coming, so stay tuned.

AND, if you like what you see, I'm taking orders so get them in soon!


  1. I am so proud of you! (though I have told you many a time already). I was so blown away by the work that you did for this collection, and I am just so proud to have such a talented friend. I can't wait to see what other things you concoct.

  2. Congratulations! The clothes look should be so proud!

  3. Sooo good Alyssa! I think I might have to order a short pink tulle skirt like the one Kara wore...

  4. You should be really proud!! I Love the structure of the blazer--actually the first thing I thought when I saw the pic was "did she buy this to put over the dress?" But you made it?? Mad skills, girl. Way to go.

    Also, I saw your models practicing in McGinley during my Ram Van shift one night and they were fierrrce.

  5. Sarah Collins- you made me tear up when I read that. love you

    Thanks girls!!! The hard work paid off for sure. I'm glad you guys like it! :D

    Let me know if you want a skirt Molly!

  6. Lovin that turquoise blazer! congrats girl!!

  7. This looks AMAZING!! I'm so disappointed I couldn't make it but eagerly anticipating seeing all the pics and video. Congratulations and great work. I literally cannot believe you MADE all those pieces from scratch! That is so impressive!